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from Pete Seeger:

“Kids- if YOU keep your sense of humor, and reach out to other kids in ALL the world, and get them to reach out to you in their own way, there may be a human race here in another 100 years!”
- Pete Seeger, written to Dale Hubert on the back of his Flat Stanley

Stan and Dale on the Celebrity Millennium

Just returned from a very enjoyable Alaskan cruise. I was amazed at how many people recognized the Flat Stanley my sister was carrying!

The man holding Flat Stanley had previously taken a Flat Stanley into orbit!


It turns out Karen Baxter’s Garage doesn’t fix all flats.


Jocka and Maria were entertainers on the Celebrity Millennium and they took the little flat guy up for a closer look at their act.


Speaking of closer looks, this is going to hurt in the morning!

ketchican eagle cropped with blurred fs


Alaskan artist Maida had previously hosted Flat Stanleys.





This couple recognized Flat Stanley in the dome car near Denali.



Another couple from Toronto stopped to say hi.



The most important part of the totem pole is the bottom.


Sami and Flat Stanley in Icy Point Strait, Alaska


A Flat Stanley participant


You should travel on the Celebrity Millennium just to meet this crew member!


Flat Stanley explores Abermule School


Troy Landry of TV’s “Swamp People” show

 This FLAT STANLEY was sent to Troy Landry of TV’s “Swamp People” show.  
(A Louisiana newspaper also printed a nice article about “Flat Stanley visits Louisiana Bayou!”) SWAMP3

Flat Stanley in South Africa!

Flat Stanley landing in Cape Town after two flights totaling 24 hours!

Flat Stanley landing in Cape Town after two flights totaling 24 hours!

Flat Stanley exploring Hermanus on the Western Cape of South Africa.

Flat Stanley exploring Hermanus on the Western Cape of South Africa!


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We have our photo taken with a Flat Stanley soldier to send our greetings to the soldiers and airmen we have overseas and to the veterans in the VA hospitals. Our wish is for them to know we are thinking of them and that they are not forgotten. Please join us in sending your picture in support of our troops.  Talk To A Veteran is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charity and all donations are tax deductable.

On Top Of The Top

Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook

Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook

Enjoying CityWalk

Universal CityWalk

Universal CityWalk

Stanley Hikes

Hiking at the Victory Trailhead Head

Hiking at the Victory Trailhead Head

Flat Stanley Explores Cornish Geology


Two very significant areas for both the amateur and keen geologist must surely be the tilted rock strata of the north Cornish cliffs between Millook Haven and Woolacombe in Devon.  The other has to be the metamorphic thrust zone of the Lizard Peninsula.  An area of varied geology and landscape has essentially been formed by the collision of two tectonic plates.


The coastal section through north Cornwall into Devon that runs to Bude and Hartland Point contains a spectacularly folded series of inter-bedded sandstones and shales originally deposited deeply under water.

Millook Haven

The cliffs at Millook Haven are a great site for getting to grips with these deformed rocks.

The folds are recumbent and have a characteristic “chevron” kinky shape that tends to form when strongly layered rocks are buckled.

Millook 12Sept2015 (22) copyMillook 12Sept2015 (23)


Coverack 14May2011

The Moho is the boundary between the earths crust and the mantle; it usually lies at a depth of between 5 – 8Km beneath the oceans and 25 – 60Km beneath the continents. The Coverack area provides a rare opportunity to examine a geological section showing a transition from the mantle to the crust which, 380 million years ago was 5Km (3 miles) below the surface.

Coverack 14May2011 (6)Coverack 14May2011 (5)_edited-1 flat stanley
















At Coverack (pronounced Cover-ack) you will be able to see this boundary layer, which, was once about 5Km beneath the ocean floor, and is now exposed at the surface and laid flat.  Progressing from South to North along the Moho you will be effectively travelling up through the earth’s interior.

Coverack 14May2011 (1) Coverack 14May2011 (2) Coverack 14May2011 (3)
Coverack 14May2011 (4)



















Coverack 14May2011 (8)

Starting at the South end of the beach, near the harbour, you will find serpentine rock from the upper mantle; continuing along the Moho, you will enter into the transition zone, characterised by the intermingling of serpentine and gabbro and the intrusion of basalt. In addition, there is a rare, highly coloured red and white rock known as troctolite present here. Proceeding further north you finally enter the area of gabbro marking the start of the oceanic crust.

It is not necessary to be on the beach to view the Moho you can stay on the footpath above the sea wall.




Flat Stanley Visits Delabole Slate

Delabole 10Sept2015 (1)Delabole 10Sept2015 (5) flat stanley

Delabole Slate has been used as a building material for some 800 years, and has been quarried continuously since the early 17th century, when Carew in his survey of Cornwall wrote “in substance thin, in colour fair, in lasting long and generally carrieth good regard”.

The quarry is 425 feet deep and more than a mile and a half in circumference, and provides a quality of slate that is exceptional.

During the reign of Elizabeth I, the five quarries that existed within the vicinity of the present pit assumed considerable importance, delivering slate “throughout the realm, and even exporting it by sea to Brittany and the Netherlands”.

In 1859, in Murrays Handbook of Devon and Cornwall, the author wrote “the quarries present one of the most astonishing and animated scenes imaginable”. About 1,000 men were employed at this time, raising an average of 120 tonnes of slate per day. Long before the coming of the railway, the slate was cut and hauled six miles to Port Gaverne where it would be loaded onto vessels moored in the harbour area. It would take thirty wagons, pulled by over a hundred horses to load a sixty ton ship and as late as 1890, women still assisted with the stowing of slates.

In 1841, the five quarries formed themselves into a single controlled unit, and the Old Delabole Slate Company was formed, becoming the present Limited liability company in 1898.

Today, by applying modern mining techniques and utilising only five skilled quarrymen, an average of 120 tonnes of slate block is still quarried each day. Using the latest diamond wire saws, 600 tonne blocks are sawn from the quarry face, eliminating the age-old method of blasting. Wire sawing improves recovery, thus preserving for future years valuable reserves of slate, and finally laying to rest the historic building of waste mountains.

Delabole 10Sept2015 (11)Delabole 10Sept2015 (4)

Flat Stanley will go on a tour of the quarry in a few weeks.  Stay tuned for his update and more pictures.

From Gaby Cueto in Mexico City

Hi. My name is Gaby Cueto from Mexico City. Currently I am a preschool principal but when I was a teacher I had a very successful and rewarding Flat Stanley Project. My students sent it to relatives and friends all around the world and they shared their experiences when they came back with another Flat Stanley. It was very exciting when another Flat Stanley and Friend arrived to tell us all about their adventures!! I am sending some pictures. I did this project in 2011 and I still have a couple enthusiasts that keep sending me their adventures!

I am very excited because this year I will continue this project with my teachers. Thank you for this wonderful way of connecting, communicating and making learning what it should be – FUN!

Warm regards,

Gaby Cueto




Hanging with Stanley

form] 1430347216264-1418506698Surrounded by animals!!!

Boston Med Flight movie clip






FS-BostonMedFlight – please click on this link to view video of Flat Stanley’s visit to Boston MedFlight.


Boston MedFlight is a non-profit organization in Massachusetts that takes critically sick and injured people by helicopter, plane and ambulance from scenes of accidents and community hospitals to the large hospitals in Boston where they have more resources to care for the really sick and injured. We transport about 3000 patients (adults, children and babies) each year and do so without knowing about the patients’ ability to pay for our services up front.

We recently had a fun visit from Flat Stanley who came all the way from a 1st Grade class in North Carolina and this video is the end result of his visit.

If you would like to know more about Boston MedFlight, or perhaps make a donation towards our cause, please visit our website at

Thank you!


Flat Stanley visited Romania

Flat Stanley has visited Romania. Here are some pictures.
Best regards,
Flat Stanley visited Romania IMG_0890 IMG_0892 IMG_0893 IMG_0894

Flat Tyler

Special thanks to Shaun Kirby who created this wonderful newsletter for Tyler Kirby, and to Janice Kirby for submitting it.

Tyler Newsletter – Nov 2014





Guy Fieri from the Food Network

Guy Fieri

This was taken AUG 28 BWI (Balt MD) on United non stop to San Francisco.

Guy was reluctant, he’d never heard of the Flat Stanley Project.

Our flight attendant jumped at the opportunity!

Stanley went to Hui Wen Elementary

Before Stanley went to Korea, he went to school with Justin one day.

Stanley goes to HWES

Stanley goes to HWES


Stanley is at Justin's school, HWES.

Stanley is at Justin’s school, HWES.

Stanley was a little tired. He took a rest and sat down on the map of Taichung City. There was a map of our city made by colorful tiles on the square of our school gate.

Stanley sat down on the map tiles of Taichung City.

Stanley sat down on the map tiles of Taichung City.

Then he kept walking. He walked upstairs till the 5th floor. My classroom is on the 5th floor.He stayed at my seat. There was a little messy, because I put the homework I was  going to hand in on the desk.

Stanley in Justin's Class. It's Class 508

Stanley in Justin’s Class. It’s Class 508


Visiting the Playground~E-Da World

Stanley went to E-Da World with Ethan

It was a great day for our family to have a 2-day-trip to E-DA World. 

We got up at 5:30 and arrived there at 9:30 a.m.

    First, we looked around E-DA World and theater by park train and wal

The God of Pirates

The God of Pirates

king, but I was more eager to go to the theme park and amusment park. We went to the Tojan Castle to see the Tojan Horse. It was really big. We also saw the statue of the god for the pirates. It was very huge, and looked ferocious. Stanley and I tried to touch it. However, we won’t allowed to do it.

Tojan Horse

Tojan Horse

      Later, we went to the Santori Park. The houses there are beautiful and colorful, which are all Mediteranean.

Stanley and Ethan are in the Santori Park

Stanley and Ethan are in the Santori Park

At night, Flat Stanley and I went taking the ferris wheel. It was exciting to overlook the night scene of Kaosiung City. Stanley almost fell from the ferris wheel easily. Stanley and I were frighted terribly.

Stanley and Ethan are going to ride the Ferris wheel

Stanley and Ethan are going to ride the Ferris wheel


Stanley and Ethan are on the Ferris wheel

Stanley and Ethan are on the Ferris wheel

     Next day, we took a lot of pictures in the hotel. Stanley and I played by the swimming pool. We are very happy.

We went home in the afternoon. We both were tired, and fell asleep soon.

Flat Stacy and Angela have a nice weekend Together

Date: May 3rd, 2014
Flat Stacie and I went shopping on Saturday afternoon. She felt tired after walking for 2 hours, so I took her to the Chinese tea shop to take a break. She drank a lot.


In Taiwan, it’s usually hot and humid in May. Flat Stacie felt hot, we needed something to make us cool down. So I bought her ice cream. She was very happy. After finishing the “ICY” ice cream,  Flat Stacie and I were going to find some “Treasure” next.



What was our “Treasure  Hunting “?

   Oh! We go to the supermaket. Flat Angela felt thirsty, and there were too many kinds of drinks, she didn’t know which one she wanted. Yogurt, sport drinks or juice? At last, she chose the juice!


      It was 7:00. Flat Angela was very hungry, she wanted to eat something. She was looking for the food, and she was starving. Her mouth watered when she saw the food, so I bought her some foods. 

At last, I took Flat Angela to play some games; Flat Angela is very strong in the kind of games of grab machine, so she won some prizes



Flat Stanley at the Calligraphy Greenway

Apr.13th. Sunday ☀

Calligraphy Greenway1

A good weekend at the Calligraphy Greenway

A good weekend at the Calligraphy Greenway

Calligraphy Greenway8 Calligraphy Greenway5 Calligraphy Greenway3

Today, Flat Justin.Stanley and I went to Calligraphy Greenway. We went there by bus, waiting for nearly thirty minutes to get on the bus.
First, we went to eat lunch at a restaurant. We had fried rice, chicken rolls and soup. They were all our favorites. The food was so delicious! Then, we went to Calligraphy Greenway, there were some vendors, stands and some street performances. I liked the “TOP SHOW”best, there was an old man that played tops. His show was very interesting. He played some tricks. He made the top balanced turning on his hand and a paddle. That really made we feel amazing. Flat Justin.Stanley had taken photos with those tops. We went home at 2:00 PM. Stanley and I had a great Sunday afternoon!

Justin and Stanley at Rehoboth Beach

My cousin and I went to the beach.  The water was cold.

Stanley and Justin @ the Park

Stanley and I went to the creek.  The creek had huge rocks in it.


Stanley with Justin at Brandywine Park

It was a nice sunny day. Stanley and I had fun in the tree.

Stanley climbing tree with Rahi….


Waterbury CT

Journalists Lisa Ling and Laura Ling

Journalists Lisa Ling and Laura Ling said hello to Flat Stanley who traveled all the way from Mrs. Krull’s classroom at Great Lakes Elementary in Superior, Wisconsin. Second-grader Payton Zepczyk has been following Flat Stanley’s travels in California. Shout-out to Payton’s mom, Shelby Kurtz, and grandmother,Debbie Backlund-Kurtz. — in Indian Wells, California.

Journalists Lisa Ling and Laura Ling said hello to Flat Stanley who traveled all the way from Mrs. Krull's classroom at Great Lakes Elementary in Superior, Wisconsin.

Journalists Lisa Ling and Laura Ling said hello to Flat Stanley who traveled all the way from Mrs. Krull’s classroom at Great Lakes Elementary in Superior, Wisconsin.

Antonella at Memorial Park, Eastchester, NY

Nativity Set

Nativity Set

Jenna (from NY) brings her Stacy to Dance Class

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3

Flat Stacies from California

Flat Stacies from California riding the turtles in the keiki pool in Kauai

Flat Stacies from California riding the turtles in the keiki pool in Kauai


Flat Stacies from California

Flat Stacie loves to ride horses in Kauai!

Flat Stacie loves to ride horses in Kauai!


Flat Stacies from California

Waimea Canyon in Kauai

Flat Stacies at Waimea Canyon in Kauai

Flat Stacies at Waimea Canyon in Kauai